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  • normasjeanes:

    Having to much fun looking at Samuel L Jackson’s selfies

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    The Avengers teach Bucky about technology - part one

    I think toasters existed when Bucky was Bucky?

    Yeah, they were definitely around before the 1940s, but I did not realize that until AFTER I drew the thing.
    …and I really liked the idea of Bucky sticking his metal arm down a toaster and having it explode in his face, so I kept it :P

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    art  bucky barnes  thor  <3 

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I don’t have time to finish this and that is probably for the best


    I don’t have time to finish this and that is probably for the best

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    art  pacific rim  <3 


    whatever im late to the party

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    We’re in love and we’re REALLY ANNOYED ABOUT IT

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    The fact that Steve and Natasha are wearing clean clothes after breakfast makes me wonder if Sam keeps a closet full of clothing in various sizes for the soldiers he counsels.  It wouldn’t surprise me at all if  his clients have showed up at odd hours, down on their luck, with nothing to eat and nothing to wear and no place to stay.

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    sam wilson  <3 






     (via screechthemighty)

    Damn right she’s building robots in there, she’s a cybernetics genius, she’s running Danger’s restoration program at age 22. If the stuff on her desk isn’t jaeger-related she’s probably making incredibly advanced little machines out of old spare parts just to like relax and unwind after a long day


    # ok but mako? would go super hard at it   # can you imagine after pitfall their entire romance would blossom around raleigh presenting her with interesting spare parts   # they’d be sitting in her room together with mako tinkering at her desk and raleigh in bed reading   # and at some point mako gives a long frustrated sigh and raleigh immediately perks up   # what is it my sun-and-stars what aspect of your work is less than perfectly satisfying how can i help   # and mako just smiles a little and says oh it’s alright   # just that this could be improved so much if i had a thingy   # raleigh takes precisely 3.27 minutes to avoid suspicion before he sprints out of the room   # and runs down to where alison is now overseeing maintenance   # DO YOU HAVE A THINGY says raleigh   # no? says alison   # OK BUT CAN YOU GET ONE says raleigh   # yee-es says alison at length. but it’ll be hard. thingies don’t grow on trees you know   # WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR IT says raleigh   # alison smiles a slow feline smile   # earlier that evening newt had come down to maintenance with a bad case of mouth diarrhea and a distraught hermann in his wake   # for god’s sake hermann had begged. i will pay you anything just give him a thingy or i swear i will murder him.   # alison has seen the future   # it is bright and includes her running a thingy mafia

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This is literally what Terry Pratchett wears to conventions. 


    This is literally what Terry Pratchett wears to conventions. 

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    Neville as eventual headmaster is very important to me though.

    Neville, who thanks to his enduring friendship with Luna sees the vital importance of fostering interhouse relationships, downplays the rivalries between the houses without lessening the importance of intrahouse unity by pushing the Quidditch Cup and House Cup as more friendly competition than all-consuming-must-be-won-enimity and introducing other means of emphasising house pride for those students who are not athletically or academically talented to the point where they feel as though they’re making an important contribution to their house.

    Neville, who has so much goodness and kindness in him, having a zero tolerance policy for bullying, by staff or students, and serious punishments set down in official school policy for anyone caught bullying or intimidating a student for any reason.

    Neville, who saw first hand just how vital it is, throwing the Ministry-approved DADA curriculum out the window and working with the DADA teacher to build a useful curriculum based on his two most useful years of DADA classes, those being third, under Lupin, and fifth, under Harry.

    Neville, who understands how hard it is not to be One Of Those Kids, ruthlessly digging out any elitest groups like the Slug Club and disbanding them.

    Neville, who understands that sometimes the teachers don’t choose as wisely as they ought, introducing a democratic system for prefect and Head Boy/Girl selection.

    Neville, who knows what it is to be the bottom of the class, making a point of introducing a voluntary tutoring system for students who are in the same position he once found himself in - and making certain that it’s well known that had such a system been in place when he was at Hogwarts, he would certainly have availed of it.

    Neville, who is a hero and a marvel and wonderful, brave man, fostering that same bravery and goodness in every one of his students, fighting to help them become the absolute best people they can be regardless of academic talent or world-saving ability.

    Neville, who is everything that Albus Dumbledore was not, setting to rights so much of the wrong Dumbledore allowed and sometimes encouraged in Hogwarts.

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    can we all just take a minute to imagine steve rogers’ face the first time he heard someone say “motherfucker” casually


    This gets me every time

    Thor’s pop-tart and Steve’s face omg

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