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My new patent leather Oxfords whose soles I painted using Revlon’s “Zealous” nail polish.

Took me three coats (most of the bottle). Next time I’m going to go with a darker colour to see if I can’t use fewer coats and get the results I was looking for.

I’ve also heard that applying a coat of white first as primer helps, but I didn’t have any white (I used a base coat instead). I may also use an acrylic paint rather than nail polish, just because nail polish comes in such tiny bottles and I feel like I’m wasting it!

Luckily, this was a colour that I don’t love on my nails but love in the bottle, so this seems to be a good use for it.

They look imperfect close up, but looking at them from farther off, they seem just fine.

My process:

  • taped the edges of the soles so I didn’t wreck the leather
  • base coat
  • three coats Revlon Zealous nail polish
  • top coat

They’ve taken awhile to dry, so it’s best to do when you’ve got an hour or so just sitting around.

Do again? Definitely.

PS: I’m missing my READ MORE link in my post box, so I couldn’t cut this. Sorry about that!

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