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Steve called in a few favors


    Steve called in a few favors

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    A threesome fanfiction involving Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., and Chris Pratt, by Chris Pratt.

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    steve and peggy have super awesome sex that’s tender and rough and loving and everything steve’s ever wanted out of physical intimacy. steve tells bucky about how great it was, blushing the entire time

    "you and peggy, huh? well i guess you got…pegged

    bucky looks directly at the camera and takes off the pair of sunglasses that magically appeared on his face, yelling YEEEEEEEEEAH while he does it. steve stands in the background, looking appalled and confused while bucky high fives himself

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    Damn right she’s building robots in there, she’s a cybernetics genius, she’s running Danger’s restoration program at age 22. If the stuff on her desk isn’t jaeger-related she’s probably making incredibly advanced little machines out of old spare parts just to like relax and unwind after a long day


    # ok but mako? would go super hard at it   # can you imagine after pitfall their entire romance would blossom around raleigh presenting her with interesting spare parts   # they’d be sitting in her room together with mako tinkering at her desk and raleigh in bed reading   # and at some point mako gives a long frustrated sigh and raleigh immediately perks up   # what is it my sun-and-stars what aspect of your work is less than perfectly satisfying how can i help   # and mako just smiles a little and says oh it’s alright   # just that this could be improved so much if i had a thingy   # raleigh takes precisely 3.27 minutes to avoid suspicion before he sprints out of the room   # and runs down to where alison is now overseeing maintenance   # DO YOU HAVE A THINGY says raleigh   # no? says alison   # OK BUT CAN YOU GET ONE says raleigh   # yee-es says alison at length. but it’ll be hard. thingies don’t grow on trees you know   # WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR IT says raleigh   # alison smiles a slow feline smile   # earlier that evening newt had come down to maintenance with a bad case of mouth diarrhea and a distraught hermann in his wake   # for god’s sake hermann had begged. i will pay you anything just give him a thingy or i swear i will murder him.   # alison has seen the future   # it is bright and includes her running a thingy mafia

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Lady parts are for kissing. Lady pieces go in the fridge.


    Lady parts are for kissing. Lady pieces go in the fridge.

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    Guys, let’s be clear here. Marvel movieverse!Steve Rogers does not have a problem with powerful women.

    Exhibits A-U, his major fucking thing for Peggy fucking Carter. In 2012, the US still doesn’t let women into full-on combat units. Read this if you want to see the kind of grief that real, modern women get for being in charge of training dudes in, like, real, modern, so-called enlightened America.  

    In the movie, Peggy Carter tells big, strong, manly men that their push-ups are weak shit.  She punches assholes who hit on her in work setting.  She defies orders when she thinks it’s the right thing to do; she flies into enemy territory right up to the gates of an enemy installation and goes herself.  She walks up to Steve Rogers  in a public place and basically says, so when this war is over, we’re going to bust some bedsprings.  She shoots a gun at him when she catches him smooching another lady. 

    You want to fight about whether she would actually have done those things in 1943/44?  Sure, we can have a fight, even though I don’t really think that sociological realism was what the movie was going for, since the villain is a Nazi who pulls off his plastic skin-face to reveal a blood-red skull.  You want to talk about whether it was appropriate for her to shoot at Steve for kissing another girl?  I’m happy to do so.  But it’s clear Peggy is meant to read as powerful and confident to a modern audience, so you gotta ask.  How would she have read to a guy actually from that area?  

    Startling is only the beginning of it, and guys, guys, Steve is so, so, so into it.   She  goes on a mission she wouldn’t be allowed on today, and like, blows up a dude in front of Steve’s eyes.  His response?  Just watch the movie.  (Hint: It’s OH GOD LET’S MAKE OUT IN FRONT OF THIS DOOR THROUGH WHICH THE ENEMY IS ESCAPING BECAUSE I AM SO HOT FOR YOU RIGHT NOW, SO HOT)

    Exhibits V-Z, Steve’s total non-goddamn problem with Natasha Romanov.  Does Steve Rogers ask why she wants him to boost her up onto a grav sled?  Does he have any qualms about saying that her job is to stay on the ground with him during the Chitauri battle and keep the battle with them?  

    AUGH.  AUGH.  

    (This rant has been brought to you by yet another shitty, shitty genderswap fic in which Steve has issues with powerful ladies, mostly for the purpose of him being mean to g!Tony, and other Avengers point out that he should not be mean to her!  So he apologizes, and then, they have sex and babies and pretty pretty princess parties!)  

    (sinope, this is absolutely not directed at your genderswap.  There is a lot of shitty genderswap out there; for some reason, I read it long after I shouldn’t.  Yours is so not among them.) 



    Can we also add Peggy’s very first scene, where Steve’s two reaction shots are a) UNF. and b) she just punched out that asshat ok I want to bear her children. Or the car scene on the morning of the procedure, when they bond over the frustration of not being taken seriously? Or the fact that he respects Natasha’s intelligence and instinct and abilities so much (after knowing her for such a short time) that one nod from her is enough for him to accept Clint as an Avenger when he’s been fighting against them for most of the film?

    I don’t care how fucking unrealistic it is for a bloke from the 1940s to be accepting of women, or POCs, or LBGTQ people etc etc. Canonically, movieverse!Steve’s attitude to everyone is Are you oppressing the downtrodden and defenseless? No? Swell! Do you want to be in my gang? We fight Nazis :D 

    It’s kind of, you know, a big part of why Steve is Steve. Which is kind of, you know, a big part of why he was chosen to receive the Serum in the first place. Which is kind of, you know, the whole fucking point of First Avenger.

    "Canonically, movieverse!Steve’s attitude to everyone is Are you oppressing the downtrodden and defenseless? No? Swell! Do you want to be in my gang? We fight Nazis :D

    I love Steve Rogers.

    Doc, he’s reminding me of Jack.

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    for kamala-skadoosh:  peggy carter as the winter soldier

    Peggy, please…
    Who the hell is Peggy?

    happy p2 secret valentine, lexi. ♥ ♥ ♥

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THIS. 100 times, this.

Yes please

Dude, this is so well said.

A perfect description.





    THIS. 100 times, this.

    Yes please

    Dude, this is so well said.

    A perfect description.

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    A big Steve/Bucky artwork that required a looot of work (I stopped counting after 40 hours to be honest). I know, I know, canon wise it doesn’t make any sense. Let’s just say that it’s the big second Chitauri attack of 2014 (it totally happened…*cough*)

    Bonus: Bucky’s Instagram.

    (Photoshop CS6 - Painter 12) - A big thank you to Beccj for the English beta ♥

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    art  NO  the avengers 


    pining is 100000% the most important aspect of pre-relationship fic for me. good-natured whole-hearted pining filled with lovelorn gazing and chest aching and fluttering touches, that’s my top priority. i was put on this earth to watch characters suffer over the profundity of their love for another person. unrequited love is why god made me. characters finding out that their feelings are reciprocated after long months/years of suffering is why the universe was assembled from nothingness. amen.

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